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The DG-Sucht drafts or supports statements on current topics concerning addiction-related or professional policy.

undefinedDisulfiram – with the expiration of the approval an important therapy option for alcohol dependence lapses
Mutual statement of the German Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Therapy (DG-Sucht) and the German Society for Addiction Medicine (DG Suchtmedizin)

Dear colleagues,

On the initiative of the DG-Sucht 8 expert societies, first of all the DG-Sucht in close cooperation with the Federal Association of Respiratory Physicians, have addressed an open letter undefinedopen letter (PDF) to the Federal Ministry of Health. Our concern was to enter into a dialogue with the Federal Ministry of Health and the health insurances, in order to obtain the acceptance of tobacco dependence as disease and the reimbursement of the treatment costs by the health insurances. We are expecting further discussions with the Federal Ministry of Health and hope, that the association with the other expert societies, which was achieved with this letter, will also support the urgency of this initiative.


With best regards,
Prof. Hans-Jürgen Rumpf
President of the DG-Sucht