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Expert-Network on Behavioral Addictions (ENoBA)

Mission statement: The core purpose of the Expert-Network on Behavioral Addictions (ENoBA) is to develop and improve research, treatment, and prevention in the field of addictive behaviors. These behaviors include Gambling Disorder, Internet Gaming Disorder and Internet-related Disorders due to social networking, excessive buying, watching pornography or being engaged in other activities. The term addiction is used because evidence in some areas - especially in Gambling Disorder - warrants this classification. With respect to some other behaviors, the state of knowledge is currently less advanced. The purpose of ENoBA is to foster knowledge in all areas of excessive or addictive behaviors which includes as well risky patterns of use and harmful use.

The aims of ENoBA are:

1. To stimulate research in behavioral addictions
2. To improve treatment of behavioral addictions
3. To develoy guidelines for the treatment of behavioral addictions
4. To promote preventive efforts in the area of behavioral addictions
5. To encourage collaboration between experts in the area of behavioral addictions.

ENoBA is an association of experts under the auspices of the German Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Treatment. Members are invited to collaborate based on their expertise in the field. Members can recommend other experts to be invited. In case of disord in the group, the executive board of the German Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Treatment is responsible for clarification. ENoBA highly welcomes the inclusion of international experts and the collaboration with societies.

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