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Current members

Current members

The DG-Sucht has 419 members (status: January 2017) from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. All contact data of the members of the expert society are listed in a membership data bank. As member your get reduced congress fees for the German Congress on Addiction. Further benefits for members can be found undefinedhere.

The DG-Sucht would be pleased to welcome you soon as a new member!

Members of January 2017
Christian Look (Blaukreuz-Fachstelle Sucht, Hagen)
Svenja Orlowski (University of Luebeck)
Sören Kuitunen-Paul (TU Dresden)
Robert Schöneck (Salus-Klinik Lindow)
Susanne Azimpoor (Gender-BeWo Gologne)
Prof. Dr. Regina Kostrzewa (Medical School Hamburg)
Dr. Nicolas Arnaud, PhD (German Centre for Addiction Research in Childhood & Adolescence, UKE Hamburg)
Dr. Moritz Noack (LWL-University Hospital Hamm)

Members of August 2017
Dr. Malte Bumb, MD, Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim)
Dr. Nicolai Ruß, MD (Viernheim)
Ulrike Dickenhorst (Bernhard-Salzmann-Klinik, Guetersloh)

Members of May 2016
Dr. Antje Kemter, MD (University Psychiatric Hospitals Basel)
Dr. Gottfried Maria Barth, MD (University Hospital Tuebingen)
Dr. Vera Siemon (Suchtklinik Renchen).

Member of March 2016
Dr. Dr. Severin Haug (Adj. Prof.) (Swiss Institute for Addiction and Health Services Research, Zurich)

Members of February 2016
Frau Dr. Barbara Schumacher (DRV Bund Bad Salzuflen)
Herr Dr. Daniel Kamp (LVR-Klinikum Düsseldorf)
Frau Vera Storm (Jacobs University Bremen)
Frau Dr. Ute Wate (Fontane-Klinik Mittenwalde)

Members of January 2016
Konstantina Papadimitriou (extra e.V., Addiction treatment Centre for Women and Relatives)

We extend a warm welcome to all new members!