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Journal „Sucht“

Zeitschrift Sucht

The journal undefinedSUCHT is an interdisciplinary specialist journal and the official organ of the German Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Therapy (DG-Sucht). It addresses scientists and scientifically interested practitioners. SUCHT publishes contributions in German and in English, which deal with the use of psychoactive substances, substance-related disorders and their adjoining fields.

Manuskripte should represent a significant contribution for the improvement of knowledge in the fields of aetiology, epidemiology, prevention or therapy, whereas the focus is on empirically established papers and transcultural research. A specific objective covers the deduction of practically relevant specific and health care policy-related conclusions from new scientific findings. The journal is member of the undefinedInternational Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE) and applies their elaborated ethnical guidelines (»undefinedFarmington Consensus« and »undefinedEthical Practical Guidelines in Addiction Publishing«). All scientific contributions are evaluated according to the peer review process.

Subscription of the journal is free for members. Further information on the benefits of a membership can be found undefinedhere.