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The German Society for Addiction Research and Addiction Therapy (DG-Sucht)


The German Society for Addiction Research & Addiction Therapy (DG-Sucht) was founded in 1978. As an interdisciplinary expert society it is open to all professional groups interested in the subject.

Formation meeting of the junior scientific staff group in June 2011
Formation meeting of the junior scientific staff group in June 2011

Aim of the DG-Sucht is the critical reflection and continuous improvement of addiction research and addiction therapy. Focus of our work is the research, recognition, treatment and prevention of hazardous use, dependence and abuse of psychoactive substances (especially alcohol, tobacco, medications and drugs) and non-substance-associated addictions. Their causes, manifestations, therapy approaches and prevention efforts are also equally addressed. A summary of the history of the DG-Sucht and its aims can be found under undefinedMann, Batra & Watzl, 2008 (PDF)

Acc. to its statutes the DG-Sucht deals with the following tasks and goals (a. o.):

  • Promotion of exchange of experiences between science and practice
  • Promotion of research activities consensus-building and guideline development
  • Organisation and support of symposia
  • Consultation of scientific societies, political persons responsible and authorities
  • Information of the public
  • Promotion of qualification, advanced education and further education
  • Promotion of junior scientiests
  • Co-operation with national and international societies with related targets.

undefinedStatutes as pdf

The DG-Sucht is a member of the undefinedConsortium of scientific medical expert societies (AWMF). It also cooperates with the undefinedGerman Central Office for Addiction Issues (DHS) in Hamm and the undefinedProfessional Association Sucht in Bonn. The expert society considers itself as expert committee for the organisation of congresses, scientific dialogues and workshops. The DG-Sucht is the editor of the undefinedjournal SUCHT.

The subscription of the specialist journal is included in the membership fee. The preparation of expertises, assessments and standards as well as the elaboration of research and treatment guidelines are also tasks of the DG-Sucht. Presently the DG-Sucht has 410 members (status: November 2015)  (update!) from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other intra-European and extra-European countries. Full members are scientists from addiction-related fields (e. g. medicine, psychology, natural sciences, social sciences) as well as clinically active trainees with a degree in science. If you are interested you can apply for membership. Besides free subscription of the journal SUCHT, members benefit from reduced registration fees for congresses and events. Additionally you can advertise in the undefinedJob market free of charge. Further benefits concerning membership can be found undefinedhere.

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