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Awardees of the "Wilhelm-Feuerlein Award 2014"

The awardee of the Wilhelm Feuerlein-Feuerlein Research award 2014 were:

Dr. Anne Beck und Herr Dr. Torsten Wüstenberg for their scientific work on "Effect of Brain Structure, Brain Function, and Brain Connectivity on Relapse in Alcohol-Dependet Patients"


PD Dr. Miriam Schneider for her scientific work on "Impact of Pubertal Stage at First Drink on Adult Drinking Behavior"

Awardees of the "Wilhelm-Feuerlein Award 2012"

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Anil Batra (President DG-Sucht), Dr. Sabine Vollstädt-Klein, Matthis Morgenstern, PhD, Dr. Edda Gottschaldt, MD (chairwoman of the foundation); photo: Heinz Kleim © Oberbergkliniken


The Wilhelm-Feuerlein Award is divided into works in the field of basic research or population epidemiology and works in application or clinical research (incl. health care epidemiology) and is each endowed with 4.000 Euros. It was awarded by the chairwoman, Dr. Edda Gottschaldt during the German Congress on Addiction on Oct. 3rd, 2012 at the Charité Berlin.

The awardees of the Wilhelm Feuerlein Reserach Award 2012 are:

Dr. Matthis Morgenstern, PhD, head of the department „Research and Prevention“ at the Institute for Therapy and Health Research in Kiel for his work on "Investigations on the influence of Media on tobacco and alcohol use of  children and adolescents"


Dr. Sabine Vollstädt-Klein, scientific employee of the Department of Addictive Behaviour & Addiction Medicine, CIMH Mannheim

as first author of the original publication on "Initial, habitual and compulsive alcohol use is characterized by a shift of cue processing from ventral to dorsal striatum"

Former awardees of the Wilhelm-Feuerlein Award were:


Prof. Dr. Manfred Laucht, MD, in place of the workgroup neuropsychology of childhood and adolescents, CIMH Mannheim on "Impact of Psychosocial Adversity on Alcohol Intake in Young Adults: Moderation by the LL Genotype of the Serotonin Transporter Polymorphism"
Dr. Jens Treutlein, DsC, Dr. Sven Cichon, DsC, Dr. Monika Ridinger, MD on
"Genome-wide Association Study of Alcohol Dependence"


Prof. Dr. Stefan Bleich
for his scientific work on “the role of Epigenetics in alcohol dependence”.

Dr. sc. hum. Sabine Löber on
„Cue exposure in the treatment of alcohol dependence: Effects on drinking outcome, craving and self-efficacy“ und „The startle reflex in alcohol-dependent patients – A pilot study“

The Workgroup of Prof. Dr. Karl-Jürgen Bär
„Heat rate variability and sympathetic skin response in male patients suffering from acute alcohol withdrawal syndrome“, „Reduced baroreflex sensitivity in acute alcohol Withdrawal syndrome in abstained alcoholics“ und „Increased QT interval variability index in acute alcohol withdrawal, but not in abstained alcoholics“


Prof. Dr. Gunter Schumann
“Systematic analysis of the significance of pre- and postsynaptic glutamatergic signal transduction genes for alcohol dependence in humans”.

Dr. Henning Krampe, certified psychologist, in place of the workgroup of Prof. Dr. Dr. Hannelore Ehrenreich
„Therapist Rotation – A New Element in the Outpatient Treatment of Alcoholism“ und “Substantial Decrease of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Chronic Alcoholics Upon Integrated Outpatient Treatment – Results of a Prospective Study.”

Dr. Tim Neumann in place of the workgroup of Prof. Dr. Claudia Spies
„The Effect of Computerized Tailored Brief Advice on Risk Alcohol Drinking After Subcritical Trauma.”


Dr. Reiner Hanewinkel, Dr. Gudrun Wiborg on
„Be smart – don’t start“ on primary prevention on smoking.

Prof. Dr. Falk Kiefer
„Results of the comparative and combination study of the medications acamprosate and naltrexone for application in the relapse prevention of alcohol dependence“.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinz
„The role of the serotonergic dysfunction in the development and maintenance of alcohol dependence”.

Prof. Ulrich John, PhD, Dr. Ulfert Hapke, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Rumpf
„Frequency of alcohol-related disorders in the medical care and consequences for the treatment of alcohol-dependent patients in Germany“.


Prof. Dr. Rainer Spanagel
„Pre-clinical investigations on the efficacy of new anti-craving substances and relapse prevention for alcohol and opiate dependence”:


Prof. Dr. Lutz G. Schmidt, Dr. Thomas Sander
„Allelic Association of a Dopamine Transporter Gene Polymorphism in Alcohol Dependence with Withdrawal Seizures of Delirium“ und „Withdrawal Symptoms are Pronounced in Alcoholics carrying the A9 Allele of the Dopamine Transporter Gene"


Prof. Dr. Michael Soyka, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Claudia Ott
„Alcoholism – Morphological and psychopathological aspects of a multidimensional problem”.